Pure Gold Pikachu – Worthy of Being Chosen By You

Pure Gold Pikachu – Worthy of Being Chosen By You

The bond between Ash and his Pikachu is pure gold–but not like this pure gold Pikachu. This thing has a price tag greater than any kind of “friendship” between man and Pokemon, trust me.

You’ll almost want to be able to return it to a pokeball just to claim it as yours and yours alone.

A gold pokeball, of course.

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Is the Pure Gold Pikachu worthy of me?


  • It’s freaking Pikachu, look how cute he is!


  • Weighs a whopping 25 lbs! Handle with care.

You love Pokemon.

You’re not kinda into it. You didn’t just like it as a kid and now it’s some kind of fond memory. No, you LOVE Pokemon.

If I’m totally wrong here, stop reading this and go look at another cool product on this site.

Still here?


Next up: You’re doing pretty well for yourself. Maybe you’ve managed to develop a pretty decent work ethic that manages to balance work and your Pokemon obsession. Maybe you loved Pokemon so much you went pro, and have been racking up those tournament earnings. Maybe you won the lottery even (lucky bastard).

Whatever the case may be, you’ve got fat stacks, and are looking for a way to spend them.

If I’m spouting a load of Tauros turds, then you need to go out there and make your money.

If you’re still here, congrats, you’ve made it to the end of the journey.

Meet your reward: The Pikachu shaped by pure gold. Created for a promotional campaign in Singapore, this adorable golden lightning mouse can now be yours.

Ash’s loyal companion quickly became the face of the Pokemon franchise, and it’s clear to see why. Look how cute and happy he is! Find a place in your home where you can proudly display this adorable little guy, and let the world know that you are a Pokemon master.


How did we find this product?

I’d already mentioned one unique Pikachu figurine on this site (with Ash as well), but I wanted another of Pikachu alone, and here it is.