About Worthy of Me

A product-based website ran by one person nicknamed Kay.

Worthy of Me aims to find products from all over the world in hopes they are worthy of you, be they expensive and above-average, strange and unique, goofy and weird, or rare and elusive. There are no rhyme or reason to these products, this isn’t a niche site, this is a Russian roulette what-you-see-is-what-we-found site.

Our Product Listings


While there might not be many in this section, these posts cater to specific events–a lot of them being sales, such as Amazon Prime Day or Way Day.

National Days

Not every national day may be listed, but there are quite a few you might not know about, but many you’ll find plenty of unique gifts in.


Any products that belong to a franchise–such as Disney or Harry Potter or Marvel or Pokémon or Blizzard Entertainment, and so on.

Game Bundles

One of the listing sections I love to write in, but one I don’t write in enough. A great category for gamers to check out when looking for games they might not have.


These posts focus on a single product and are either over-the-top or ones that I’ve actually had in my possession.

Frequently asked Questions

Some of the links you find in the answer portions to these questions contain affiliate links. Purchasing a product through these affiliate links will provide me with a small commission with no extra charge on your end.

Why Worthy of Me?

I remember being at work and talking with a coworker of mine and trying to think of a good site name and I wanted it to be a worthwhile site for people where I could talk about products of worth.

And that one word kept spinning around my head.

It only took a single day for me to come up with the actual name, but I also had to hope that it wasn’t taken already.

Lucky for me, it wasn’t.

But another thing regarding the site: it was heavily inspired by This is Why I’m Broke. I’d always go on that side and just browse and deep dive into all the posts and get lost throughout my breaks and lunches. 

However, I wanted to make my site better than theirs by offering my own opinion on solo products rather than just writing a 150-word blurb and moving on to the next.

Who created your logo?

I didn’t want Worthy of Me to just have text as a logo. That wouldn’t be worthy enough for the site. So I went on Fiverr to look for some logo designs and had something in mind for a kind of stamp that would mark products as worthy or not.

And I found someone that looked like they could create what I wanted.

And lo and behold, they did.

How does this site make money?

We have a small amount of ads and we try not to let them get in the way of the product feed of some of the posts but…some of them probably get placed in weird junctures of text.

Aside from that, we rely heavily on affiliate links.

Basically, certain links are affiliated through vendors, and if someone purchases a product through one of those links, I’ll earn a small percentage from that sale, with no extra charge toward the person who purchased said product.

Note that not every link on this site is an affiliate link.

That’s honestly it.

How do you find products to promote?

It’s easy for me to do if I’m looking for “best gifts for” posts, since I’m narrowing my search to specific products and know what to search for. I simply look for the keyword in Amazon first and browse through the categories, finding the most worthy products for the post.

Once I’ve exhausted most of those options, I look for the keyword in Google shopping, as well as Etsy, and Ebay, in case there might be vintage items.

As far as the random interesting products?

Those are all up to chance. I find them randomly online. Either I hear a word and look it up in Google. I see it as a random product on Amazon. I see it in an e-mail, on Etsy, on a commercial, YouTube video, movie, etc.

The products I promote are found from all over, not from any specific source.

Do you use SEO programs?

I’ve used several SEO programs, some of them I’ve paid for and others I haven’t depending on how much data I really need.

To list the ones I’ve used: