Gamer Girls: Dating Sim – Worth Too Many Hours of Tetris

Gamer Girls: Dating Sim – Worth Too Many Hours of Tetris

If you’re ready to get down and dirty with three gamer girls, as well as learn a whole bunch of stuff about them with personal questions, Gamer Girls: Dating Sim is awaiting your gaming library. I just hope you really like Tetris, because you’ll be playing that game more than you’ll be playing this game.

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Is Gamer Girls: Dating Sim worthy of me?


  • Get to know 3 different girls…intimately
  • Several passionate scenes for each character


  • So much of the same music
  • So much Tetris

I get migraines a lot and this game…gave me a hefty migraine the first time I played it.

There’s basically only three main soundtracks to Gamer Girls and each one of them centers around a specific girl, so when you’re playing Tetris, whichever girl is on the side cheering you on is the soundtrack you get.

And you could get the same chick over and over and over again.

Not only that, but you’ll need to play Tetris constantly in order to rack up enough points to progress with each girl. And progress I mean ask her questions. After so many questions her level goes up and with each level up, there’s a new animated hentai scene for you.

It took me several hours to gain enough points in Tetris to even get one girl all the way to the end of her final level.

What’s more is you’re timed in the Tetris game, so it’s not like you can keep playing it until the blocks reach the very top. Oh no, that’d be too easy, and this game really wants to make you suffer. You start with a short timer at the starting levels and as you progress you get more time and the speed in which the blocks fall become faster.

Like god damn, can I get a simple game of Tetris without having to suffer through the same blasted club-going song over and over again?

The scenes with the girls aren’t so bad.

Getting to them is an atrocious journey.


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