Survivor’s Guilt: An Extreme Horror Book Review – Worthy of A Couple Crazies

Survivor’s Guilt: An Extreme Horror Book Review – Worthy of A Couple Crazies

Survivor's Guilt: An Extreme Horror is pretty extreme…until you get to a certain point in the book. Not that one of the bad guys has a real change of heart given the situation, but he'd just rather have a different end result.

And thus…it's not quite as extreme as it could've been.

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Is Survivor's Guilt: An Extreme Horror worthy of me?


  • Two twisted horror authors wrote this
  • Writing style from both viewpoints blends well
  • Enter the minds of two crazy characters


  • The ending wasn't as grand as it could've been

All right, I say the ending wasn't such a big deal, because…well, I have a demented mind and when I thought they were going to do what they talked about, I got pretty excited to see how it would turn out.

And it turns out things went to an unplanned Plan B.

Though there was a bit of a twist on things, it wasn't exactly a new twist, and the ending was a bit anticlimactic as it abruptly stopped. Don't get me wrong, you're left with knowing what really happened to the maniac in the end, but it just doesn't give you any detail on it, and I'm someone who likes to see things play out.

Personally, I hated Connie with a passion. She was crazy, sure, but she was the kind of crazy that was just…overboard. Like who openly stares at someone with a blank face and doesn't say anything at all. And the fact that she was never privvy to giving information or she was late to things.

She was just so annoying.

If anything, Jay should've killed her from the start.

Supposedly these are two well-known horror authors that co-wrote this book, but…I've read better horror novels from Jack Ketchum and J.A. Konrath.

Not trying to diss them, but as the first book I've read of either of them, it was a bit of a let-down.

I do plan on reading more of their individual work to see if they really do write the gritty side of fiction that nobody really wants to touch because it's just too much for a lot of people. Obviously I don't mind reading them–give me snuff films, cannibalism, massacres, and close-encounter stalking any day.

Book blurb:

Connie (written by Aron Beauregard) and Ray (written by Matt Shaw) have both survived traumatic events where others were not so lucky. Whilst some survivors are grateful to have lived, others carry with them a heavy feeling of guilt. Why did I survive when others diedCould I have done something to help others escape too? For those with such uncomfortable and haunting questions, there are groups set up to help them find the answers they seek.

Connie and Ray aren't like the other survivors though.

They aren't grateful they survived, and nor do they feel the same guilt weighing heavy on the shoulders of others sitting with them on a weekly basis. Connie and Ray have other thoughts and – brought together in this group, they realise that whilst the group might not be able to help them… They can help each other…

First sentence:

I'm not a cat person but at the same time, I'm not a complete cunt.


Ray and Connie are the main villains and the viewpoints of the story. Leslie is the group leader that talks at several survivor's meetings. Mr. Lyle is the school principle. Randy is a lunatic who kept Connie hostage for several years.

There are several other minor characters…including a cat.


Ray wants to be recognized, instead of being a nobody. Connie wants to reach that orgasmic high that only murder and bloodshed can do.


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