Solid Snake Rubber Duck – Worthy of Killing With Cuteness

Solid Snake Rubber Duck – Worthy of Killing With Cuteness

If you’ve ever played Metal Gear Solid–or even watched Jacksepticeye’s first video impression of him–you know you love this Solid Snake Rubber Ducky impression of him. It’s, well, better than Jacksepticeye’s impression, for sure.

It’s okay.

We still love you as well, Jackaboy.

Is the Solid Snake Rubber Ducky worthy of me?


  • Great attention to detail in the design
  • The game might not appeal to all ages, but the duck sure does


  • Probably quacks like a duck

Look how cute this little guy is!

This seems like the next logical evolution of the FunkoPop.

Half the price, twice the durability, and three times the adorableness of your average collectable, this rubber ducky even comes with its own little bathtub display stand! With his pistol in hand it looks like he’s trying to be intimidating, but he’s just too darn tiny to pull that off. 

Whether you’re introducing your child to the wacky world of Metal Gear, or you’ve got a friend who mains him in Smash, this gift seems like a no-brainer.


How did we find this product?

I had to look for something cute in a badass way, after going through several FunkoPops.