Thankmas 2021 – Worth Building Homes For The Homeless

Thankmas 2021 – Worth Building Homes For The Homeless

Thankmas 2021 is going on December 11 all the way to the end of the year, and what makes this the happiest time of the year is the fact that many homeless folks will be getting homes based on the amount of donations gathered at the end of the fundraising event.

New Story is shooting for 10 million dollars by the end of the year.

Can we make it?

Thankmas 2021

Is Thankmas 2021 worthy of me?

  • It's a good cause to help the homeless
  • There shouldn't be any!

That shouldn't even be a question, honestly, because any kind of charity event is definitely worth it in the long run. Even if this wasn't put together by such a well-known content creator like Jacksepticeye and there weren't a lot of other internet superstars pitching in to boost those numbers to that 10 million marker and this was something one person who wanted to do it on their own time in their own terms, it wouldn't be any different, because it would still make a difference, despite the money difference of a solo person versus a mass group effort.

I remember back when I streamed on Twitch, I did a charity event for a dog shelter and got around $50 dollars or so in the end to send to them.

They sent me back an e-mail thanking me a lot, since I mentioned in a section the charity event I had done. And it felt really good. Mainly because it upsets me how many animals are in shelters, and I'm kind of more of an animal person than a people person.

But Thankmas 2021 is all about raising money to help the homeless through New Story's cause, and man, did it come at an ironically appropriate time.

It seemed that the night before Thankmas 2021 was technically set to happen (people could start it before the set date, of course), a splurge of tornadoes happened. I think I heard the news mention there were six tornadoes that had touched down? But apparently there were more. And one of them traveled through four states total before disappearing. One of those states I know was Kentucky, where a candle factory had collapsed, trapping dozens of workers and possibly killing a good number of them in the process.

The amount of homes that were demolished…was unreal.

I feel like this charity event to help the homeless was almost needed, even though there's certainly a mass number of folks suffering from homelessness without the help of tornadoes carving this path out for them. And if I can push that donation number just a little bit higher to reach that 10 million milestone, then I'm happier for it.

Thus, I've been doing some livestreams on my YouTube channel of a variety of games, and during my online hours or offline hours, viewers are able to donate to the New Story cause via my link.

And of course all money goes directly to the cause.

Let's see how many homes we can help build.


How did we find this product?

It's a fundraising event that I partook in from December 11th to December 31st.