Natsuki’s Life in Prison – Is Prostitution Worth the Price?

Natsuki’s Life in Prison – Is Prostitution Worth the Price?

Natsuki’s Life in Prison is not the life that she was looking for when she went looking for a job. You know how they say not everyone likes their job, but they stay at it because of the money? In this case, you might want to reconsider a job offer if the salary seems too good to be true, because sometimes, you can’t put in a two week’s notice.

Natsuki's Life in Prison

Is Natsuki’s Life in Prison worthy of me?

  • Several different endings you can get
  • Fast-paced skipping through all the dialogue
  • Splendid visual scenes of our leading lady
  • Trigger warning: This game is centered around rape
  • A lot of repetition with some options you can choose
  • The stats seem pointless after every main scenario

First off, Natsuki is a lovely lady.

She’s drawn amazingly well, in clothes and out of them. She is, by far, the most well-drawn character in this entire game, and it’s slightly annoying.

I get it. She’s the focal point. She’s the one we’re going to see naked time and time again, but come on. Put some work into the other characters too.

Especially since this is a story-based visual novel game.

Secondly, Natsuki is in a shitty situation from the get-go. She’s got a sick brother, their parents are dead–supposedly falling victim from the same illness he has–, she doesn’t have a job, and she’s running out of money for her brother’s medicine. Therefore, she has to go out and find a job, which lands her into an even more shitty situation, implying the game’s name: Natsuki’s Life in Prison.

She’s not actually in prison, but she is, because the job she technically applied for is prostitution without her realizing it.

So now she’s stuck.

And this is where it becomes a yes or a no for people.

Obviously, if it’s a trigger, you’re not going to like this game at all, because non-consensual sex is almost all these sex scenes are. The men don’t take no for an answer, because that won’t satisfy the clients, and so they give Natsuki pills to make her more…willing.

There are several endings to this game.

At least two of them are bad that I know of. Apparently resistance is futile. Which means at least one has to have something of a happy ending.

If you don’t mind the concept of rape, and you want a hentai game that has a storyline to it, no matter how tragic, then you might try this game, if you’re interested in the sex scenes and the graphics.

But if you’re on the opposite spectrum, this is a no-go.

Even so, if you don’t care for a storyline and just want to get your rocks off, you can choose one of the “scenes” from the main menu and start from there to get down and dirty. You’ll need to get through some dialogue, but you’ll be at the part you want to see the most of.


When was Natsuki’s Life in Prison released?

Nov 19, 2021 via one of the publishers PlayMeow Games.

Did you stream this on YouTube?

I streamed a short amount of the game on my YouTube channel, but I stopped when things started to get heated, so everyone knew that the game doesn’t dawdle for too terribly long, and there is a storyline to it.

I’ll play the game longer, but only for patrons on my Patreon channel, and only if they happen to request it, as nothing more of the game will be uploaded to YT for the mass public. Hoo-boy.

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How did we find this product?

I’ve purchased and played the game myself. Because I have weird tastes. And I try games to review for other people with weird tastes.